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Trichotillomania: every day is a bad hair day

Over 3.4% of adults in the world experience Trichotillomania, however, it is often misdiagnosed or unrecognized.

Thia Haney, Staff Writer

November 16, 2017

For most people with trichotillomania, they can pinpoint the moment that unearthed the following years of internal struggle. In my case, I can trace it back to the third grade, when I was eight years old. My family is relatively superstitious, and one of the traditions we practiced was wishing on eyelashes. This ...

The reality of Obsessive-compulsive disorder

There are various compulsions that result from the obsessive thoughts, one of the most well known being perpetual hand washing.

Cayla Vanderzanden, Opinion Editor

March 23, 2017

An anonymous student from Lambert High School defined Obsessive-compulsive disorder, commonly called OCD, as “someone must have things a certain way” and another student described it as “you have to be organized 24-7”. The general lack of knowledge regarding OCD makes it that much easier to misuse...