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Anticipating the opening of Alliance Academy

“I think it’s important [to have Alliance] because I think high school is really changing for you guys. I think you have a lot more choices than we did when I was your age when I went to highschool the traditional high school in the United States. [It] was pretty much…. a football team and a basketball team and there are all the sports and it was sort of the center of the community and I think your generation is much more interested in planning for your future so we are able to offer only those pathways….”

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor

March 29, 2018

As the opening of Alliance Academy draws nearer, more and more information is revealed about the career-focused school. Many Lambert teachers will be leaving in order to join the programs that the school has to offer. "Based on pathways, kids will be attending that school. It is strictly an academ...

Drought continues to plague Georgia, causes political rifts over water rights

The number of droughts in Georgia has increased over the past century, which some say is tied to the possibility of climate change. Pressure on Georgia's water usage from surrounding states has made the addressing of our water problems crucial.

Quinn Forney, Features Editor

February 9, 2017

Georgia was declared to be in a level one drought in September 2016, which has only gotten worse from there. In November of 2016, a level two drought was declared in many northern counties, coinciding with forest fires in those areas as well, resulting in burn bans and prohibition of fireworks. In one cou...

Lambert swim steals county victory

Lambet boys and girls celebrate after securing the county championship win

Bryan McKnight, staff writer

January 26, 2017

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Stranded child leaves bus driver fired

A row of Lambert's school buses lie undisturbed while school is in session.

Jackson Matray, News Editor

January 11, 2017

A Forsyth County school bus driver was terminated effectively as of December 16th, 2016, after leaving a 6 year old student unattended on a local highway. Shelley McKinley, the driver, was not the bus route’s regular driver and was not used to the circumstances of individual students. McKinley has b...

Local photographer Micah Green visits Lambert newsroom

One of Green's most recent projects was documenting the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlanta during the summer. Photos of this event are available on his website

Elizabeth Findley, Associate Editor

October 17, 2016

Micah Green, Director of Creative Imagery at Forsyth County News, visited The Lambert Post newsroom on Nov. 13 to discuss his photographs, technique, and advice on the journalistic business in general. Through the display of the photography on his website and images posted on his Instagram account, Gr...

Summer fun for foodies of Forsyth County

Fresh vegetables and fruit are a staple of any summer meal, and the farmer's markets in and around Forsyth county provide some amazingly fresh produce. This assortment of veggies at the Alpharetta Farmer's Market looks perfect for a healthy meal.

Jordan Meaker, Editor-in-Chief

May 6, 2016

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Teacher of the year 2015-2016

An old picture of Mr. Sims as he enjoys outdoor activities in the nature

Kelly Yoon, News Editor

October 27, 2015

Teacher of the year 2015-2016: Congratulations, Mr. Tony Sims! A new staff superstar is introduced every year based off of their hard work for the Lambert Longhorns. One lucky teacher is congratulated with a pleasant surprise in September. Mr. Tony Sims was open for an exclusive interview after he...

Pardon our Progress: Lambert’s new look

The construction at the front of Lambert moves more quickly each day.

Jordan Meaker, Editor-in-Chief

September 18, 2015

At the start of the new school year, the students of Lambert loaded their backpacks with fresh supplies: pencils, pens, binders, and the like. But two more items could have made the cut for the list of back-to-school must haves: a sturdy pair of walking shoes and a hard hat. The construction and renovations...