Local photographer Micah Green visits Lambert newsroom


Emma North

One of Green’s most recent projects was documenting the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlanta during the summer. Photos of this event are available on his website micahgreenmedia.com.

Micah Green, Director of Creative Imagery at Forsyth County News, visited The Lambert Post newsroom on Nov. 13 to discuss his photographs, technique, and advice on the journalistic business in general. Through the display of the photography on his website and images posted on his Instagram account, Green discussed some of the technical aspects of taking a photograph, such as the “rule of thirds” (the general rule dictating photo composition) and how he achieves his best lighting, and also the artistic and creative side of photo journalism. Green expressed his idea that the longer people take pictures the more they realize that photography is not a mere documentation of the world around us, it is a creation and expression of their own ideas and the thoughts they want to present. He also went on to speak about different college degrees that would help with a future career in journalism and a look inside a professional journalism staff room. To end the presentation, Green took out his personal camera and to teach a group of students how to work various functions on the camera and the additional equipment that enhances a photo, such as an external flash.

When asked what one piece of advice he would give in regards to journalism he responded, “I would say that you have to really love writing obviously”. He then went on to speak on photo journalism specifically by saying that it is very important to “have your camera with you as much as possible early on and getting as comfortable as you can with it, so that it is a second nature because the last thing you want to be doing when you’re out on an assignment is trying to figure out how to work your camera or try to get the settings right. You want to be able to work that camera as quickly as you can without double checking anything.”