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Lambert Linguist: Indila (Artist Spotlight)

Though she has only released one album so far, she has already become a French sensation. Her top single not only made platinum in France but it has topped the charts of other countries. For example, her single remained first in Greece for seven weeks, until it was knocked to second by Pharrell Williams'

SungMin Park, Staff Writer

January 22, 2016

Artist: Indila Language: French Location: Paris, France Adila Sedraïa was born in Paris, France, but she also rises from a mix of Egyptian, Algerian, Indian, and Cambodian heritage. Naming herself as a "child of the world," she is the face of diversity ...

Fall playlist: where the wind takes you

Illustrated by Olivia Pastore

Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer

October 16, 2015

With the changing of the seasons comes many different things. Leaves change, people change, and life seems to keep moving forward. Fall always has had both a haunting yet beautiful development as a season, and causes everyone to reflect on the year as it dies with the leaves. As a senior this year I've...