Last Lambert Moments: By the Numbers


Photo by Jessica Borla

The senior countdown until the end of the school year is in full action – then comes graduation!

It’s that time of the year again: the time where teachers write up the final countdown for the school year on the whiteboard. Students gleefully erase the previous number each day and write the new subtracted number. As we are now in the TWENTIES of how many school days we have left, it is totally mindboggling that we have come this far. Just looking at the numbers is crazy.


  • Most of us seniors are 17 or 18 years old and we are becoming adults.
  • We have been in school for at least 13 years (counting kindergarten).
  • We have survived high school for 4 years.
  • This is already the 9th month of the school year.
  • Everything that we have worked up to for years will come to a relieving end at graduation in less than 2 months. (May 31st!)
  • Those going to college will move into their new dorms in 4 months.
  • In just a little over 4 years, most of us will graduate from college with an undergraduate degree. (If high school seemed short, college will fly by, too!)


For me, graduation will be bittersweet. It will be a bit sad to leave everything behind in Forsyth County (as much as we all say that we don’t like FoCo and that it’s a boring place to live, we all have at least a little bit of our hearts that we will leave here). However, I am ready to move on with my life, learning and loving along the way. Seeing our past, present, and future written out in numbers is slightly overwhelming, but it also brings a great joy, and it makes me so proud of our Class of 2016.

I am Jessica Borla, and I am a second semester senior here at Lambert High School. I am SO ready to get out of Forsyth County and go on new adventures in college. However, it has just recently hit me that my whole life that I’ve known here is coming to an end very soon; I do not want to take it all for granted. My column, “Last Lambert Moments”, is specifically for seniors, capturing how to make the best out of the final months, weeks, days at Lambert.