Living with Senioritis


Ansley Mitchell

Senior takes a nap in the nurse’s office as the nurse prescribes a remedy to Senioritis.

Each morning, the number of cars in the senior parking lot dwindle due to the fact that seniors are no longer coming to school. This is one of the first indicators of a Senioritis break out. Seniors all over Lambert have started showing symptoms of Senioritis. Symptoms of the dreaded condition include laziness, a habit of running late, many absences, and a style that consists of anything that one would sleep in. The only cure to this condition is graduation.

Laney Rogers claims to be one of the first diagnosed with the condition. “My grades are actually significantly better this year than junior year. Seriously, it’s like I had seniority last year,” said the senior. “I don’t know exactly how many days [there are until graduation], but I know it’s close that’s all that matters.”

Many teachers become frustrated with Senioritis-ridden students. Tardiness is frowned upon, and Tina Qin can attest to that: “Sometimes during the week I feel very tired and unmotivated to go to school. That happens three days out of the week. I feel bad, but I’m also tired.” Students with Senioritis have a difficult time coping with the disease. For example, Tina said she feels bad for being late, but her tiredness always prioritizes itself.

Summer Storm does not even have a first period, but she still cannot manage to get to school on time. She blames her tardiness on the fact that art is her first class of the day, but it is safe to assume that it is Senioritis that is causing this.

Storm can also say that the symptom of laziness has arose in her condition. “My grades are still good this semester, but I have a lot of late or missing grades right now because I really just don’t feel like doing it,” she admits.

As the number of days until graduation decreases, the number of Senioritis outbreaks rise. To keep your infection at bay, try studying, continuing to go to class, and doing your homework. If no attempt is made to subdue the infection, then Senioritis will consume you and ruin your final grades. According to The Huffington Post, colleges do notice when a senior is struggling with Senioritis, so at least pretend to still care even if Senioritis is eating you alive.