Another mass shooting occurs in California

Photo by Ryo Chijiiwa, published on June 3, 2010, Some rights reserved, licence link:, original link to work: “There are certain people that do not need guns and my brother was clearly one of them,” said the gunman’s sister.

The latest epidemic of mass shootings in the United States continues. On Tuesday, November 14, a gunman began shooting in rural Rancho Tehama, California, at one point getting dangerously close to Rancho Tehama Elementary.

The gunman, Kevin Janson Neal, was a forty-four year old who has been referred to by the authorities as a “deranged, paranoid killer.” Neal had been on bail after being arrested for assaulting neighbors, and according to his sister, he had a history of mental illness and episodes of rage. Apparently, the handguns used in the attack had not been police-registered and had instead been illegally manufactured.

During the 45 minute attack, throughout the town of Rancho Tehama, Neal injured 10 people, including children, and killed 4 more. Beginning just before 8 am, the shooting started when Neal killed a male and female neighbor with whom he had a feud. Neal hijacked 2 cars throughout the attack, which ended when police rammed his vehicle and began exchanging shots.

The town of Rancho Tehama is still in recovery after the event, which only adds on to the list of mass shootings recently.