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Kentucky community recovers from America’s 11th school shooting in 2018

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor January 26, 2018

On January 23rd, America had its 11th school shooting of 2018 alone. This past Tuesday, Marshall High School was met with the deaths and injuries of several students. Some accounts say that the scene was...

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Another mass shooting occurs in California

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor November 19, 2017

The latest epidemic of mass shootings in the United States continues. On Tuesday, November 14, a gunman began shooting in rural Rancho Tehama, California, at one point getting dangerously close to Rancho...

Protesters in multiple locations participated in

Ferguson and its Shiny New Lawsuit

When the Justice Department decides to sue
SungMin Park, Staff Writer February 11, 2016

  The autopsy unveiled a trail of bullet holes. It began from the right hand and led up to the top of the teenager’s head. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy, Dr. Michael Baden, did not...

The flag of the Tehrik-i-Taliban flies to unify the members in their goal of imposing upon the world what is right in their own eyes.

20 Students Dead (at least): Terrorism in Pakistan

SungMin Park, Staff Writer January 28, 2016

[View the story "20 Students Dead (at least): Terrorism in Pakistan " on Storify]

Teen shares insightful opinions on life versus death.

OP-ED: Notes on insanity

Cameron Reaves November 11, 2015

The trash tossed away unwanted, to fester in a junk-pile for the rest of eternity, cries for a savior. Yearning, it sits solemnly. Sobbing, it blasphemies a God. Dreaming, it accepts fate. Slowly, it succumbs...

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