Kentucky community recovers from America’s 11th school shooting in 2018

Photo by elinerijpers, published on November 10, 2017, Some rights reserved, license link:, original link to work:, “Our nation’s schools should be some of the safest spaces in our communities,” says former congresswomen and current activist Gabby Giffords.

On January 23rd, America had its 11th school shooting of 2018 alone. This past Tuesday, Marshall High School was met with the deaths and injuries of several students. Some accounts say that the scene was quiet as students, teacher, and faculty ran for their lives. The shooter, 15 years old and utilizing a handgun, has been charged with two deaths and twelve first-degree assaults. It was later announced that he will be tried as an adult

Two students, both 15, died. Bailey Nicole Holt died at the school while Preston Ryan Cope later died in the hospital. These deaths were accompanied by the injuries of 18 others, 14 of those injuries being gunshot wounds. Three of the victims were in critical condition on Tuesday night. According to USA Today, “It’s illegal in Kentucky for anyone under the age of 18 to possess a gun with a few exceptions, such as while attending a firearms safety course or while hunting. And the school conducts active shooter training.”

The teen is currently being held at the regional juvenile jail in Paducah, Kentucky. The community surrounding Marshall High School currently attempts to recover while asking the question of why the shooter did what he did.