Beloved Rapper Juice Wrld Died of a Seizure

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On December 8th, 2019, the world shook as beloved rapper, Juice Wrld, died. The rapper died of a seizure in a Chicago’s Midway airport just a few days after his 21st birthday.

 Millions around the world are mourning for Juice Wrld, with his albums filling the number 2 and 3 spots on the Apple Music charts. While his death took us many by surprise, his music will live on. Here are some of the artist’s best songs that showcase him at his best. 


  1. “Legends”- Legends was a song dropped in response to the death of rapper XXXTENTACION. Listening to it now, it eerily sounds as if the rapper is talking about his own death. The rapper even mentions dying at the age of 21, the same age that he died at. The song touches on deep themes of the shock and heartache that comes with unexpected death and will shake you to the core.
  2. “Lucid Dreams”- This is the song that initially launched the rapper into stardom. The song talks of a failed relationship and touches perfectly on the sadness and anger that encompasses the aftermath of a breakup. The catchy chorus is instantly recognizable, and we’ll listen to this song for years to come. 
  3. “Hear Me Calling”- This song showcases Juice Wrld’s uncanny ability to come up with incredibly catchy and incredibly unique flows that get stuck in your head for days. While the song is one of Juice Wrld’s happier songs, there is still a tinge of melancholy and sadness pervading the track that contrasts the more joyful lyrics: this combination creates a perfect atmosphere of fear and love. 
  4. “I’m Still”- One of the rapper’s sadder songs, “I’m Still,” is another song of a failed relationship. Juice sounds on the verge of tears over a light, depressing guitar sample and aggressive trap beat that matches the combination of anger and sadness in the lyrics.  
  5. “Lean Wit Me”- While Juice Wrld makes incredibly sad music, there is no shortage of bangers in his discography: “Lean Wit Me” is a perfect example of one. The song focuses on partying and has one of the best verses that Juice Wrld has ever dropped during the second verse.
  6. “Flaws and Sins”- The power of Juice Wrld’s flow and the aggressive beat come together to make one of the rapper’s best songs. The song is another song that focuses on a heavier party vibe when compared to his usual material. It’s impossible not to sing along and be hype when the song comes on.
  7. “Bandit”- “Bandit” is Juice Wrld’s second-highest charting song to date and for a good reason. The eerie guitar sample combined with the deadly flows and catchy hook create for one of the rapper’s best songs. Not only does Juice deliver one of his coldest verses, but YoungBoy Never Broke Again does just as well. 
  8. “Robbery”- Juice Wrld delivers one of his most heart-wrenching tracks through an extended metaphor: the song details a girl telling him to “put [his] heart in the bag, and nobody gets hurt.” The rapper sings of his agony and sounds on the verge of tears the entire song: you can almost see the tears streaming down his cheeks as he sings the song.
  9. “Wasted”- “Wasted” is a fan favorite and is one of the most well-produced Juice Wrld songs to date. The vocal layering and perfect usage of reverb help to create a feeling of excitement and elation. Combined with the powerful Lil Uzi Vert feature, the song is easily one of Juice Wrld’s best songs. 
  10. “All Girls Are The Same”- Produced by Nick Mira, this is one Juice Wrld’s first hits. While the song debuted at 92 and peaked at 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100, it helped initially launch the rapper into stardom. The song is one of Juice Wrld’s most minimalistic songs and details the rapper’s troubled relationships and how they have damaged him to the point where all he expects from relationships is pain. 


 While nearly all of his discography is filled to the brim with quality songs, these are some of the best for any who want to get into his music. Juice Wrld will be missed, but we will keep listening to his music for years to come.