The Annual Ponce City Festival is Back

**Jewelry piece sold during previous year

**Jewelry piece sold during previous year Credit:**

On October 12th and 13th, the annual Ponce City Festival reopens in Olmsted Linear Park from 10 am to 5 pm.


Known for its homemade arts and crafts, Ponce City welcomes all Georgians with free admission. The festival provides not only pieces from 150 artists but also a children’s play area. Along with viewing merchandise, Ponce City offers a variety of food vendors to accommodate any craving.

What separates the Ponce City festival from others is the ability for visitors to bring their dogs along for the experience. The festival allows pets to enter the park as long as leashes are in use.


“Parking can be a tad bit difficult…quite a lot of artists from the southeastern part of the United States” Janos J, a Ponce City Festival regular shares.


In addition to Ponce City Fair’s history, the grounds of the festival date back to designs credited to Fredrick Olmstead Sr, a famous architect in the 1800’s-1900’s. The festival has acquired 10 million dollars to protect the historical area, capital improvement plan  **Picture of the infamous architect, Fredrick                                                                                                      Olmstead Sr. Credit:**

to ensure its perseverance.

To enjoy a historically enriched landscape and view dozens of unique art, stop by Olmsted Linear Park to catch the fall festival (October 12-13) or the spring festival (April 4-5).