What’s Leaving Netflix This Month?

Each month, Netflix removes a number of shows and movies from the platform, making viewers more and more anxious as time passes. Ever since the news about Netflix removing classic shows like The Office and Friends, avid movie and show watchers are afraid that other shows may disappear as well.

Some of the movies that are leaving are Scream, Scary Movie 2, Mamma Mia!, A Dog’s Life, and Coco (View the full list here). Some TV shows like The Red Road: Series 1-2, Nikita: Seasons 1-4, Blue Bloods: Season 1-8, and Continuum: Season 1-4 are also being removed (View the full list here). Without these great pieces of media, the platform definitely will not be the same.

These films and shows will definitely be missed, so be sure to watch them before they’re gone!