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Not A Typical Show

Emily Weimer, Features Staff

December 5, 2019

Atypical is a Netflix original show which debuted its third season on November 1st, 2019, about how being normal is overrated and how it features LGBTQ+ representation.   The series Atypical is about a teenager, Sam, who’s a nineteen-year-old on the spectrum, and his erratic journey throu...

What’s Leaving Netflix This Month?

Obshree Saravana, Senior Editor

November 7, 2019

Each month, Netflix removes a number of shows and movies from the platform, making viewers more and more anxious as time passes. Ever since the news about Netflix removing classic shows like The Office and Friends, avid movie and show watchers are afraid that other shows may disappear as well. Some...

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why has been a controversial show that has provoked many conversations about serious high school issues.

Shreya Desai, Skylar Aledia, and Emma Bryant

May 15, 2017

On March 31, 2017, Netflix released its most watched TV show: 13 Reasons Why. Adapted from the novel by Jay Asher, the teen drama depicts realistic events that occur in high schools everywhere, including suicide, bullying, drinking, drug abuse, sexual assault. Teens experience these incidents on a daily...

Netflix vs. television: media consumption at Lambert

The rise of the streaming service has created a shift in the ways that people typically consume their media.

Elizabeth Findley, Associate Editor

January 27, 2017

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Taking senioritis to a whole new level

Benny Smith is too busy sleeping to go to school.

Jessica Borla, Advertising Lead

November 20, 2015

“I aspire to be like Ferris Bueller,” explains the cool, sly senior Benny Smith. Since the school year started up around three months ago, Smith has missed a total of 41 days of instruction. He proudly keeps his Campus Portal on display on his laptop screen, pointing out the countless red absent...