Is Patrick Mahomes the New Tom Brady?

Photo by James Weatherly, taken on August 8, 2019, All rights reserved,

On February 7, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the title of Super Bowl ⅬⅤ Champion. 

Although this is the first time in history that a Super Bowl will be hosted in a playing team’s stadium, this is not the first time that Brady himself has made history. Brady is currently the oldest quarterback in the NFL, has the most Super Bowl rings, and has the most touchdown passes. 

Mahomes has risen to fame over the past four years due to his immense success in his starting years. He has broken the record for most touchdown passes in the first three games of the season, his passing touchdowns broke the Chief’s record that had been held since 1964. 

Despite their age gap, the odds are not stacked against Mahomes. Both Brady and Mahomes have been MVPs, both Super Bowl and the regular season, they have taken their teams to a Superbowl multiple times. Mahomes broke Tom Brady’s record for most away game touchdown passes. Mahomes has also defeated Brady two times before, making this game the tiebreaker of the Brady-Mahomes saga.

Mahomes has the same drive and ambition seen in Brady. His career is already extraordinary and it has only been four seasons. I think with the right teammates, coaches, and experience Mahomes is on his way to taking Brady’s spot at the Greatest Quarterback of All Time. 

However, not all fans agree. Kundhavi Tiruchinapalli, junior at Lambert, thinks that Brady is too rare.

“No, I don’t think there will be a new Brady,” Tirunchinapalli said. “Patrick Mahomes has set the stage as a very enthusiastic player who’s eager to lead his team. I think this definitely has helped him with a lot of his success but at the end of the day, Tom Brady is irreplaceable. Every generation only has a few of those players who really can make a difference and I think he will always hold that place.” 

Only time will tell when it comes to the battle between quarterbacks. As of right now, Tom Brady is viewed as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. This weekend will be a testament to his skill.