Helpful tips on snow day assignments

Due to the incredible dangers that a slight drizzle can create, school has been cancelled across Forsyth County, resulting in a potent desire to sleep all day and the horrid task of snow-day assignments. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you complete them:

  • Before turning in grades, do your best to reverse the years of lackadaisical study habits that you’ve grown accustom to.
  • Taking a few minutes to make a snack is a great way to procrastinate more than you already will.
  • Doing it right away can damage your schedule; that’s for future you to worry about.
  • Pace yourself and take a five-minute break for every question you answer.
  • Be sure to have a hot beverage at all times.
  • Stay tech-savvy by looking up literally every answer on the Internet.
  • As much as possible, try avoiding the school system.
  • If all else fails, drop out.