The Flash’s Race Comes to an End

After eight storied seasons, the prominent CW show, The Flash, is finally coming to an end. The series started in 2014 and forms an integral part of the network’s lineup of DC-based superhero shows, revered as the ‘Arrowverse’ by its dedicated legion of fans. While the Arrowverse has stagnated as of late, leading to the cancellation of numerous shows, the Flash has kept its race going, with a ninth season in the works for 2023. However, the news came as a bittersweet announcement for fans, as season 9 was declared to be the show’s final season. As the countdown begins for what will be an emotional last ride, a quick trip down memory lane would be a fitting end to such a beloved show.

The show started as a spinoff of the famous comic book, The Flash, with actor Grant Gustin starring as Barry Allen, a CSI by profession but superhero by fate. The story follows Allen and Co. as they watch over the fictional Central City while navigating their double lives. In addition to following the superhero theme, the show is filled with numerous scientific references and concepts, ranging from biomedically-engineered ‘speed formulas’ to various real-world theories of quantum physics to captivate even the intellectually curious. To further its reach, the show is also a more lighthearted, endearing superhero series in nature, acting as a contrast to its darker, more intense counterparts in the Arrowverse. 

These factors form some of the reasons why students at Lambert have grown to fall in love with the show and its candid characters. Lambert sophomore Samarth Agarwal is one such viewer and explained how the show was able to cater to a variety of audiences.

“It has two aspects to it,” Agarwal illustrated. “It blends the original comic book aspects in such a way that anyone who’s experienced with the comic book genre would be able to see the same level of depth that they would if they were simply reading the comics…at the same time, it contains the same sort of vibe as many of the modern shows…you can explore different parts of the series and explore the personal relationships too.”

His reflection on what makes the Flash such a widely-appealing show highlights why it was able to build up such a large fan base. The manner in which the show was able to connect with its audience and appeal to a variety of potential viewers ensured that it would enjoy a successful run on the air. For many, watching the Scarlet Speedster race through Central City, was a symbol of hope and strength against adversity, which only serves to make the show’s end even more poignant. 

The ninth and final season, which releases on February 8, 2023, on the CW, is sure to be an emotional and nostalgic watch for all involved with the show. Agarwal echoed this sentiment and expressed hope for a flourishing end to the beloved series. 

“I think that there are a lot of loose ends, but it’s also a really fitting time to tie them up,” Agarwal said.