The Rose

“This is a poem about joy and the removal of joy; it symbolizes how something so pure can be diminished with one careless action.” -Emilie Skaug


"True Beauty" by Natasha Ramaswamy, 11th grade

“This piece is called “True Beauty”- It shows two roses, one real, and one fake. While the fake rose is perfect in all regards, the real rose is shriveled, discolored, and has many imperfections. This goes to say that although we all have imperfections, it is these imperfections that make us real, and no matter what, we should be true to ourselves.” -Natasha Ramaswamy

Through the snow, a red rose grew

And it pierced the dark with a midnight dew.

The ruby red rose shone out through the night,

Showing everything that is good and right.

Yet a greedy lady plucked it out,

Replacing everyone’s joy with doubt.

The rose was placed in a little glass vase,

And was filled with a despair that it couldn’t face.

It became so much that it couldn’t take it,

And the once beautiful rose shriveled up bit by bit.

This just goes to show,

Don’t mess with forces you do not know.