Football Home Games Kick Off

The Lambert Football Team home game kicked off on September 6th, at the Lambert Stadium. The team played the Gainesville Elephants and ended up losing by 48 points. The final score was 55-7.

Photo credit to Abby Settipani

Lambert ended the first quarter with a score of 14-0, Elephants taking the lead. By the beginning of halftime, the score was 34-7, Elephants winning.  Lambert’s touchdown was scored by number eleven, Kojo Antwi, with seven minutes left in the second quarter.


In the third quarter, with seven minutes left, the Gainesville Elephants scored their sixth touchdown, resulting in a score of 41-7. With two minutes left in the third quarter, the Lambert Longhorns used their second timeout, and ended the third quarter with a score of 48-7, Elephants lead. 


Another touchdown was made by the Elephants in the fourth quarter, while the Longhorn’s score stayed the same. The Longhorns ended the game with a loss, but have a chance to redeem themselves on Friday the 13th in a game against Peachtree Ridge High School. 


“You just gotta remind them that it’s a long season and you want to learn from their mistakes” Louis Daniels, the head coach, said to encourage the players after their loss. We look forward to seeing what the Lambert Football team will be able to do in the next game, and we hope for a W.