Basketball Game

Christopher Findley, Opinions Editor

The Friday (December 12th) game against Alpharetta ended in defeat for the Lambert Longhorn basketball team this weekend. In the most thrilling game of the season, the two teams were fairly equal in every situation, as they vacillated back and forth between victory and defeat before the end of the game where, propelled buy the enthusiasm from their bench, Alpharetta player Jaylon Gamble scored a winning basket that encircled the rim numerous times before finally landing the tam a victory over the Longhorns. The final score was 76-71 when the clock stopped, and our team delivered a close loss here at our home field.
Though the game was closer this time, it hasn’t been the first time that Alpharetta has trumped the Lambert Longhorns, as last year they defeated our team 75-65 in overtime. There were aspects in which our team played well, specifically in responding to repeated lay-ups, slowly evening out the scoreboard as the game progressed, and in the free-throw lines, where Lambert had a 63.8 (30-for-47) success rate, in comparison to Alpharetta’s 58.3 (14-for-24) success rate.
The girl’s team performed similarly, trailing behind the Alpharetta Raiders the entire game, always one step behind (25-22 at halftime). Much like their parallel game, they played here at home, however performed lesser than Alpharetta at the free-throw line. Hopefully next time we can bring home a win!