Football Game

Allie Burkhalter, Staff Writer

Football is a very exciting sport here at Lambert, but at a high school in Oklahoma City, they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the results they wanted on the score board. A close quarterfinal was coming to an end. During a recent game, Locus Grove led by one, with 64 seconds left on the board, and Douglas High School’s quarterback threw a Hail Mary into the end zone. Immediately after, the play that there was a penalty and the touchdown was overturned. It is now known that the penalty was incorrectly called. It was obvious that the play should have been ruled a touchdown.
A state district judge will now decide the fate of which team will carry on in the playoffs. The judge could let the score stand, allow a replay of the whole game, or let the teams resume for the last one minute and four seconds of play. As the flag was drawn, the referee, instead of penalizing Douglas 5 yards, annulled the score. There was no review due to the on field ruling. The team has continued their practice in hoping they will have one more shot. This is not a first for Oklahoma City. In fact, the Supreme Court has been involved with high school football here before. All fingers are crossed for the football team of Douglas High School to get one last opportunity out on the field this season.