Lady Longhorns are Hitting a Home Run


Cayla Vanderzanden, Staff Writer

Lambert High School has always been well-known for the high success level of the sports teams, probably because of their dedication to each individual sport and the support of the other students. One of the teams at LHS is the softball team. This softball team has both varsity and junior varsity groups. Each group of ladies puts in a maximum amount of effort and it pays off consistently during the games.

The Lady Longhorns compete in and out of the regions which makes for fiercer competition that results in better games. Of course, these intense ladies always seem to come out as champions. The varsity group has a record of 10-1. That means they are winning 91% of their games. The Lambert team still continues to search for new players to further enhance their team and teach new players by having their very own website up to attract viewers. This is a good thing because they were so limited on girls this year that not a single girl got cut to make sure they could actually form a whole team. Along putting in time and effort to make sure they achieve those wins, the Lady Longhorns do activities together like a family. This year the teams got closer together by filming an ice bucket challenge together to support ALS, as many other teams across the nation did.

These powerful groups of girls didn’t just get this good overnight though. They practice multiple times a week and leave class early for games. They are part of three practices and two games a week. Every night is a softball night for these high school ladies. They do batting and fielding practice so they can play all aspects of the game. There are 12 freshman and only 3 seniors this year! Those are a lot of young girls ready to be a part of something great with only a few girls to teach them how to do it. “I love my teammates. The cooperation and bonding that is always going on makes me enjoy being a part of the team!” said Katie Schwind. Schwind is just a freshman and already feels like she really belongs in the Lady Longhorn JV team, Go support either of these teams. You have two chances to do so every single week!