Winter Sports: Tryouts

Ally Burkhalter and Kelly Yoon

For months, students at Lambert have prepared for winter team sports tryouts. Hours of conditioning are put in even before the season so that the student athlete can give their best at the tryouts. Tryouts are usually two to three days and are spent by the athletes showing their best efforts in everything from the basic skills of that specific sport to conditioning. Winter sports at Lambert High School include basketball (for boys and girls), basketball cheer leading, wrestling, swimming, and gymnastics. These sports are very time consuming and take a lot of focus because they fall in the middle of the school year.

Our basketball teams exemplify great character and devotion before the season as well as at every game and practice, demonstrating hard. The swim team has been county champions for the past four years, and has taken home the state championship award the last two years. In addition, basketball cheer leading is a very fun, enjoyable sport for the girls at Lambert. They travel with both their boys and girls teams encouraging them to victory. Sports in the winter here at Lambert are an engaging part of our school and are fun to play and even fun to watch from the stands.