ATL Sneak Peek

Photo by Acting Troupe of Lambert, opened on September 3, 2021, Some rights reserved,

The show “Amélie” will be coming to Lambert High school starting on October 14th in the auditorium. 

After a long hiatus during the summer break, the Acting Troupe of Lambert is finally returning after their “High School Musical” hit production back in May. “Amélie” is the first show of not only this year but for the first time in a long while, a show that actually feels real. As Carly Candebat, who will play Susan and Amélie, put it, 

“It’s the first show that really feels real and normal like we can actually be together.”

The show is double-cast, so there will be two different leads. Carly Candebat and Erin Vanhorn will both be playing the main character Amélie. Unfortunately, Ms. Vanhorn was unavailable for comment, but Candebat gave us an inside look at what’s coming. Amélie was described to us as a girl who used to be sheltered and disconnected from society but is making her way out of her shell in the city of Paris.

Director Carly Berg has worked very hard on the play and describes it as being, “whimsical and will leave you smiling.”

The acting Troupe of Lambert strives to tell a fantastic story that viewers can relate to based on what is happening in the world right now. After the long quarantine and seemingly endless lockdowns, genuine human connection is rarer than ever to find or create and “Amélie” captures that.

Tickets will be available to purchase soon. Hope to see you there!