First Game, First Win

Image is taken from the Lambert Football Website. Source:

After months of training, the Lambert Longhorns could finally go out on the field and compete. The Longhorns commenced the 2020-21 season with domination against the Campbell Spartans last Friday night. The final score was a shining 34-9. 

The first quarter started off slow for Lambert with Campbell up 6-0. However, the Longhorns opened the second quarter with Ashton Smith’s twenty-five-yard pass to wide-receiver Kojo Antwi. Lambert was leading 6-7 until Campbell made a 25-yard field goal ending the first half with Campbell up two points.

To begin the third quarter, Lambert kicked off the ball to Campbell. With eleven minutes remaining, Lambert scored a 4-yard touchdown, changing the scoreboard to 9-13. The Longhorns missed the extra point but compensated when running-back Robert Riddle scored a 19-yard rushing touchdown, adding another seven points to the board. With a minute left, Lambert had the ball on their 41-yard line. To end the quarter, linebacker Graham Timms made a sack.

Timms started up the fourth quarter with an immediate 3-yard rushing touchdown, putting the Spartans in an eighteen point deficit. Lambert finished the game off with a bang. With three minutes left, Cole Nelson, Lambert’s tight-end, had an impressive 58-yard touchdown, ending the game with a score of 34-9 and giving Longhorns the win. 

The Longhorns are going into this season with a lot of ambition and determination. They want nothing more than to continue to win and their triumph has brought back even more high spirits to Lambert. This season is looking very promising for the Longhorns.