The Major Changes to Lambert’s Weight Training Program

Taken by Carson Summers, Taken on September 8, 2021, Some rights reserved.

Taken by Carson Summers, Taken on September 8, 2021, Some rights reserved.

Lambert’s weight training breaks stereotypical perceptions of what is thought to be a program solely for lifting weights. In all reality, the program is much more than that. 

Foundationally,  physical wellness is the focal point of the program, but nutrition is gradually being introduced to the students in the class. Water and calorie intake are among the many other topics that are also being taught over the course of the year. 

Teamwork has become a key component in making the program. After sitting down with Ashley Fitts, a sophomore in the program, it became clear that Lambert has also made an effort to put more focus on its female athletes. 

“I think it’s really good that we have our own class and how it’s devoted to us as females just growing,” Fitts said. “It’s conducted so that it’s developed for us so we can develop and get better at sports the way females are.” 

By adding more focus to the female athletes, the program has drawn in girls, allowing Lambert to give more opportunities to all students. 

Coach Ferrer, Lambert’s director of athletics, also shared his thoughts on the topic of female athletes in the weight room. 

“We have someone who is dedicated to every female, male, athlete, student, whatever you want to call it,” Ferrer stated. He goes on to say “ The last two years they’ve really bought in, they’re excited about it, they feel like they’re the most important, you know, athletes or students in our schools which I love. They’re proud and they feel like they’re being loved and cared for and that’s what you want.” 

The program continues to put the focus away from specific athletes, and instead gives opportunities to everyone, even if it is a student who has never weight lifted or played a sport before. 

In short, Lambert’s weight training program has done a superb job in integrating nutrition, teamwork and making everyone feel included regardless of their sports and physical background.