Lambert Swim & Dive take victory lap across the Atlantic Ocean

After the sweeping victory at the Georgia State Swimming Championship, the Lambert Swim & Dive team decided to take a victory lap through the diameter of the wind-swept and frigid Atlantic Ocean. The lap, which began a mere twenty four hours after the victory this past weekend, is determined to conclude after the 2,848 kilometer journey to the eastern side, supposedly to include a dangerous route through seas regularly travelled by Moroccan pirates, charging against westward-bound hurricanes and waves that dwarf the tiny freshman bodies crossing the pond. The winner’s lap began with much fanfare as administration rushed into the crashing wake that met with the beach, while school busses served as buoyant rafts for spectators to watch as they floated out to sea. Lambert Post reporters confirm that many attendees were wearing Lambert spirit gear, cheering on those brave Longhorns who chose to relish in the attention that this competition has created, though this spirit gear eventually became impossible to make out as waves overtook swimmers and drowned out their vision, hearing, and ability to breathe. As the excursion continues, there have been reports that the students have may have overestimated what a high school championship meant regarding their ability for trans-Atlantic voyages, as sharks begin their hunting season. When interviewed, administration reported that they were forced to cancel the school sponsorship behind the event after the mythical Kraken overtook the survivors.