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Allie Tatoy
Allie Tatoy is a sarcastic, nerdy mess of a freshman eager to join many clubs at Lambert, including journalism. She is a reporter for the Lambert Post and enjoys writing, reading, poetry, Broadway, playing the piano, and long walks on the beach. She is always proud to say she is a Filipino and a Hufflepuff and will bombard you with puns on Harry potter, Hamilton, The Hunger Games, and just about everything. She lives in both the world with her family and friends and the worlds she creates inside her head. Her goals in life are to go to Emory University, travel the world, and write poems and stories along the way. She would do anything for her friends, including making them cringe with her amazing jokes. Every day is a new adventure for Allie and she cannot wait for the ones she will make at Lambert. For more, follow on her Twitter or email her at [email protected]

Allie Tatoy, Staff Writer

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